"Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your whole life"  ~ Confucius

"Part of the Solution"; Commissioned Mission Artwork for GasTerra, 2013.


Visuals are a very powerful medium in communicating information. If you combine text with visuals, the learning and understanding will be enhanced by 89%. That eye-opener has encouraged me to become an illustrator and visual storyteller.

Since 1991 I run my studio for visual communication.  I draw and facilitate change processes through which the (invisible) intentions of companies, teams and individuals are made visible in a tangible end product. For GasTerra (image on the left) it meant making an artwork based on interviews of the staff and the management asking: "What's your source of energy in life?" The various answers were aesthetically embedded in the digital art piece  for the board room.

I have found scientific proof for my personal experience that visuals are the catalyst of change during my master study Creativity and Change Leadership in Buffalo, New York (2015-2017). It perfectly fits my purpose to encourage people to use their creative thinking power to change the world; visibly.


2018  jan     Rebranding Nicolette Wever ~ Drawing Change: 

                       visualizer; and  facilitator of creative change.

2017 dec     Graduated MSc Creativity and Change Leadership, ICSC, SUNY,     

                       Buffalo, NY.

2016             Certified Foursight trainer;

2015             Certified Lecturer BDB, BKE;

2014             Certified Scrum Master;

2014-now   Lecturer Design Thinking & Creativity Skills, Hanze UAS, Groningen

2010-now   Teacher Argentinean Tango;

1992-now   Teacher at a number of Art Academies, projects;

1991-2017   studio Droomwever - Visual Communication and 

                        Illustration,  Groningen,  Amsterdam (1991-2000);

1991-2007  Represented by illustration-agency Art Associates (the Reps),

                        Amsterdam; and 1994-2004 Agence Claire Prebois, Paris;

1985-1991   Art Academy, design and illustration, passed with distinction;

1982-1985   HAVO, Maartenscollege, Haren;

1972-1982   Vrije School, Den Haag. Waldorf/Steiner Education, The Hague.

Creative Problem Solving

I guided several individuals and groups towards novel solutions by applying the CPS (Creative Problem Solving) methods, based on the work of Alex Osborne and Sid Parnes; combined with the Torrance Incubation Model (TIM). CPS is a structured and natural process which is productive and effective. Based on 60 years of scientific research and best practices solutions are generated by carefully chosen creative thinking methods (that sparks innovative solutions), and support of the group (that enhances motivation and common purpose). Working with the CPS model is making creativity part of our daily habits to solve problems we encounter everyday, in design and in life. Want to know more? Feel free to contact me!


What if you need new solutions? Better ideas? More effective collaboration? As certified FourSight trainer, I can help you to tap your greatest resource—your brain in order to open the door to innovation and creativity. Read more >

Studio:  Het Paleis, Langestraat 148, 9712 MH Groningen,      The Netherlands.      T   +31 6 12327055       e-mail: