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what is Foursight?

Need new solutions? Better ideas? More effective collaboration? FourSight opens the door to innovation and creativity with a research-based assessment that helps you tap your greatest resource—your brain. The FourSight four-step process—clarify, ideate, develop and implement—is both universal and instinctive. Intuitive language makes it “sticky” for groups and organizations that want to transform the way people work together to solve problems. The simplicity and flexibility of the FourSight model allows it to play well other models—design thinking and other innovation and creative thinking approaches—so FourSight can function as a catalyst to existing approaches.


Featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Training magazine, the FourSight Thinking Profile has been used by more than 90,000 people in businesses, schools and organizations around the globe to improve problem solving, collaboration and team performance.

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how do you solve problems?

Where do you naturally light up in the innovation process? Are you a Clarifier? An Ideator? A Developer? An Implementer? Some combination?

What about your group or team? Give them the assessment used by businesses and in classrooms to help promote and demystify the creative process.

"FourSight: Your Thinking Profile" is a leading assessment tool, designed to boost critical and creative problem solving skills in individuals and groups.

supports a cooperative mindset

Foursight supports the people side of innovation. Our products are designed for innovation practitioners and educators who want to help teams, organizations and schools build the mindset, tool set and skill sets that support creative thinking, collaborative problem solving and cultures of innovation.

I can help discover your strength

As certified FourSight trainer I can help you discover your energy peaks and leaks in the innovation proces, and help to build effective teams.

Reference: Walli (NL)

"Na een inspirerend gesprek met Nicolette tijdens een borrel hebben wij van Walli besloten om er samen met Nicolette achter te komen wat onze denkprofielen zijn. De resultaten van de test zijn helder en zorgen ervoor dat we nu nog beter snappen welke denkprofielen we hebben en waarom onze samenwerking zo goed werkt, maar ook waar we op moeten letten in ons bedrijf. Het nagesprek met Nicolette was erg prettig en je merkt dat Nicolette en FourSight erg goed bij elkaar passen.

Aanrader voor iedereen, zeker ook in het onderwijs!"

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