Kobi Levi is footwear designer from Israel that comes with very unique high heel shoes that you will ever see. He uses his wild imagination to create creative, innovative and unique high heel shoes styles which break the standard barrier of design, fashion and art which are cool to wear. Check out his work!

These shoes 'Magnum' are awesome, saw them in Toronto and in march 2018 they will open a shop in Amsterdam!


Rooftop Restaurant in Toronto.


Mariano Chico Frumboli and Juana Sepuveda performing Argentine Tango in 2009. Chico never dances a choreography, he prefers to improvise. That's the real heart of Tango: listening to the music, feeling your partner moving and responding to that. Since 1994 I enjoy this dance.

tai chi

Since 1985 or so I practice Tai Chi. started to keep headaches away, now I practice weekly to stay balanced and focused.


Every tuesday the cantina at the Hanze University serves a great fried egg and bacon. Makes me hungry even if I just had breakfast..

I made this lovely cookie- mon chou and cherry cake without sugar. Fingerlickin' good!

Car design

The Toyota 2000GT can rightfully be called the first Japanese supercar. It is  fitted with a powerful two-litre, six-cylinder engine, producing 150 hp, giving it a top speed of around 200 km/h.

Visit the website of the stunning Louwman museum in The Hague. This is my favourite cardesign.



I simply LOVE books, mainly about design, fashion, art and creativity.


Fun images


Wonderful marriage between music, art and technology. Love it.


The beautiful work of illustrator Olaf Hajek.

And William Morris.




Mijn bedrijf bestaat zo'n 25 jaar. Eerste 10 jaar in Amsterdam voornamelijk als illustrator, later in Groningen heeft mijn werkveld zich verbreedt richting grafisch ontwerp, websdesign en visuele communicatie strategie. In mijn (deeltijd) baan als docent Design Thinking op de Hanze kom ik in aanraking met didactische vaardigheden en het begeleiden van innovatieve trajecten. Dat doe ik ook buiten de Hanze, voor bedrijven ontwerp en begeleid ik workshops creatief denken en innovatief denken op maat.

Studio:  Het Paleis, Langestraat 148, 9712 MH Groningen,      The Netherlands.      T   +31 6 12327055       e-mail: