GasTerra Groningen

Challenge: How to visualize the mission and vision of GasTerra in an artwork that also serves as an acoustic enhancement of the meeting room?


"Part of the solution" was created in 2013 in commission of Gasterra, Groningen.

Material: soundabsorbing canvas in aluminium frame. Size: 3 x 5 m.

This artwork links Gasterra's vision on sustainable energy with personal energy sources of the employees and staff. For example: One of the employees writes poems in his spare time. This poem is incorporated in the artwork.


Picture: Opening of the new building in may 2013 by his majesty King Willem Alexander van Oranje.

A desire for change

Challenge: How to visualize a Desire For Change. By making a movie and using all the five senses: bright colors, music, smell, candy and soft seats to sink into, the project was a big succes! The film was showed for a selected audience of clients in a cinema.

Stichting het Drentse Landschap

Challenge: How to improve the atmosphere in a church to facilitate multiple purposes?

- provide the visitors information about the church, history and the site?
- add warmth to the atmosphere of the church

- add acoustic improvement for musical events
As solution I designed these banners for the church of Gieterveen, Drenthe (size 3.40 x 0.80 m, material: sound absorbing canvas)

They meet all the needs of the commission: Connect information and decoration with a portrait of the area; and improve the acoustics on top of that.

Mall Emmen

Challenge: How to improve the atmosphere of a mall, of which a lot of units are empty and for sale?

The local entrepreneurs asked me to design a colorful set of banners to cover up the empty space and make the mall a nice place to meet and shop.

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