'creative thinking is a life skill'

master study icsc

The image above is one of the assignments I completed during my studies in Creativity and Change Leadership at State University of New York.

mission and vision

Research has shown that in order to communicate more effectively, we should present our ideas, plans and documents by using images in addition to words. Processing of visual information and verbal information actually takes place in different parts of the brain, and the visual processing element of the brain is very powerful. My goal is to make people familiar with imaginary and to show people the benefits of organizing information in images.

That way it's easy to remember and synthesize the content quickly and reproduce the information in your own words.

creative teaching & learning

Soon you can read about my insights that appeared being a teacher and a student again. Flipping roles makes me aware of my behavior as teacher. Lots of improvement to be made, about clarity, leadership, applying creativity in the curriculum and classroom.. Applying the Torrance Incubation Model (TIM) offered lots of possibilities for rising curiosity for learning.

visual feedback

Visual feedback is helpful during training sessions, company presentations and brainstorm sessions.

Visual thinking opens up the brain for effective ways to solve problems.


- it creates awareness,

- it is a powerful engine for change, both personal and in teams,
- using a mix of words and images spreads the communication load,

- helps us process the information more effectively and

- increases understanding and retention.
- visual metaphors leads the discussion away from personal focus, bringing a more distant view.

That way visual communication functions as a true catalyst for change. Read more