Visual Feedback

Visual feedback: "Making the unspeakable visible"

What is it? I am specialized in visual communication. I visualize ideas, topics and visions with the group, during training sessions, company presentations or brainstorm sessions. As an observer I capture the content of the dialogue in sketches. That image reflects co-creation, motivates people and supports understanding. The goal will be visualized in a tangible image to take home as a reminder. Research has shown that a tangible goal makes the session stick.

  • It helps people to connect with the content via images instead of words.
  • Imagery unlocks the unconscious.
  • It creates awareness and is a powerful engine for change, both personal and in teams.
  • Using a mix of words and images spreads the communication load.
  • Communicating with visuals helps us process the information more effectively and increase understanding and retention.
  • Visual metaphors create a connection between different ideas.

        Visual feedback will:

  • Strengthen the capacity of a team,
  • Explore a vision or mission in co-creation
  • Show a clear common goal.
  • Unlock underlying sentiments and make them visible
  • The use of visual metaphors helps to keep the discussion away from personal focus, bringing a more distant view.

  • That way images are a catalyst for change.

Zichtbaar resultaat

Ik breng je pitch in beeld met een vlotte schets.  Daardoor wordt je kern van je verhaal meteen zichtbaar gemaakt; en wat nog onduidelijk is, dat blijft leeg. Zo weet je precies waar jij je verhaal kan bijschaven. Wil je een sterk verhaal?

One pager

Hieronder de uitgewerkte schets als one-pager. Deze visual communiceert in één oogopslag wie je bent en wat je doet.

CEE conference visuals

Deze schets is gemaakt tijdens de conferentie.

Personal slide

Hieronder de uitgewerkte schets die wordt gebruikt als personal slide.

I attended the talk of Marci Segal at the Creativity Expert Exchange (CEE) in 2017 in Buffalo, NY.  I presented her this visual to use as a personalized slide for her future talks. Her reaction was: One word Nicolette, because mostly I am speechless: F A B U L O U S !! I feel so proud to use this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Strong hug, Marci. Isn't that great?

Visuals on demand

  • Visual document during personal coaching
  • << PowerPoint personal presentation
  • Flip chart visuals
  • Postcard with a personal goal
  • One-pager
  • Commissioned company artwork with mission and vision visualized


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